Faith-Based Community Training

About Our Role

Right now, The Provisions Project is formalizing a role with the state when it comes to disaster preparedness and response. Our aim is to work with communities of faith before disasters ever hit. Ultimately, the Provisions Project will be the liaison between GOHSEP and the responding faith-based community in future disasters with the goal of supporting these organizations through the relief/recovery phases. This will include guiding faith-based organizations through a methodical process to capture volunteer hours, volunteer labor and donated resources. 


What will this entail?

To do this effectively, responding faith-based organizations will need to use shareable software for real-time data collection. This software will collect and track donated items, volunteer hours and the type of work being performed. Ultimately, TPP will make sure these good works serve the larger purpose of reducing the cost burden on local governments.

For those responding faith communities, The Provisions Project will train them on the creation of an internal structure of communication that utilizes their congregation and the surrounding community during disaster response. We call this project EMPOWER. EQUIP. ENACT. 

This training will allow for a line of communication and processes to be in place prior to a disaster so that they can be prepared to serve their community confidently, ultimately creating resiliency within that community. 

As an incentive for their participation in the disaster response process, faith-based organizations will have the opportunity to take advantage of incentives such as reimbursements, repairs to their facility if damaged during the storm and immunity and job protection for their congregation/community if they take time off of work to assist in the response.

The state realizes that it cannot respond to disasters alone. The Provisions Project can provide a more efficient and effective recovery — speeding up the process of response and alleviating pressure in an already vulnerable situation. 

An organized means of rapid deployment of resources and capital will be vital to help communities recover faster saving lives, money and time. Tracking these efforts will ultimately provide cost savings to the residents by keeping local dollars in the community to help rebuild after the disaster. The Provisions Project will work hand in hand with our faith-based community partners to do all that is necessary to assist the people of Louisiana and the state as a whole.