Our Mission, Vision, and Goal

Our Mission



To make the existing disaster response efforts of the faith-based community more robust through the creation of internal structures of communication, training and coordination of local volunteers. To ensure the faith-based community maintains its autonomy, we serve as a buffer between faith organizations and government.

Our Vision


  At its core, The Provisions Project believes in equipping the faith-based community with the necessary tools to respond to disasters efficiently, effectively and confidently. This empowers congregations to play a larger role in the disaster response efforts. We believe faith-based groups are a natural fit for this role as they know their communities and are already serving them. 

Our Goal


 A ‘prepared’ faith community will be a game-changer in the realm of disaster response, allowing for faith leaders to participate in the conversation as a true part of the solution. Organically, self-reliance and resiliency will be created locally as faith leaders involve their congregations and communities in their response to disasters.