The Board of Directors

Elizabeth G. Hill - Board President


Husband: George

Son and (future) daughter-in-law: Joey and Brooke Groner

Do my fur babies count as children?  If so, Terry (black lab, age 15) and Harper (Shih Tzu, age 8)

 BA - Mass Communications, Public Relations concentration, LSU's Manship School of_Mass Communication 


Public Relations Practitioner; Business Owner, Wife and Mother.

"I am only one, but I am one.  I cannot do everything, but I can do something.  And because I cannot do everything,I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.  What I can do, I should. And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do."  Edward Everett Hale


Having personal experience with the Great Flood of 2016 in South Louisiana, I know the physical, spiritual, and emotional turmoil one goes through during times of disasters.  It is a privilege and a blessing to work with The Provisions Project so that I, and our organization as a whole, may be of service to those who are at their most vulnerable after a disaster. 

Benjamin "B.J." Bement - Board Vice-President

 Wife Kelly Bement; son Benjamin Bement; daughter in law Victoria Bement 


US Navy Veteran, served aboard Nuclear Submarines


Medically Retired with Parkinson's Disease, Advocate for Parkinson's Disease with Michael J. Fox Foundation Public Policy Division, serving the community whenever and wherever I can.


After the flood of 2016 my personal home was unaffected but I couldn't sit idly by. I had seen many people on Facebook, especially Louisiana natives, who wanted to know how they could help.  I created a Facebook page that grew to over 1800 members.  I coordinated with 3 local churches and directed those wanting to help to use them as shipping drop points.  I updated the page with the needed items and checked with the pastors and support staff on a regular basis to ensure they were receiving the items.  They distributed the items to those in need. Once The Provisions Project began a search for board members, I was contacted by a friend of mine asking if I was interested.  I met with the President and spoke with the Director.  I found people of great purpose and integrity.  I determined that I would love to help create an organization that would improve disaster response in the future.  I look forward to the journey, the education and serving those in need.

Lisa Henson - Board Secretary


Married to Brian, upper elementary teacher at The Church Academy at Addis; two sons, Julian (15) and Rhys (9)

Bachelor of Arts, English - Baylor University, 1990

Juris Doctorate - Baylor Law School, 1993

Insurance Specialist with the Louisiana Department of Insurance, working in the Market Conduct Division.

I was born and raised in Louisiana, with a detour to Texas for a couple of decades.  Growing up in Louisiana and living in Texas, I've had ample opportunity to observe the impact of severe weather and disasters on people. After Katrina, we had family stay with us in Texas for about a month, until they could safely get back into their homes and begin the rebuilding process.  It is my privilege to be a part of the Provisions Project and to participate in some small way in the vital work of helping those impacted by disasters get their homes and lives back to normal. 

Toni P. Jackson - Board Member


One husband, five chidren, 14 grandchildren

Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Science with Concentration in Family Studies, Housing Counseling & Financial Coaching Certifications.

Disaster Case Manager Supervisor, Non-Profit Co-founder/Director & Coach.

I have been working in the disaster realm since 2005 after Hurricane Katrina, along with the other jobs that I have had. I am a board member to give some of my expertise to others so that assistance came come quicker for those needing assistance after disaster.

Tamara Dawson Sabine - Board Advisor


Allison "A.J." Sabine, Jr - Husband, Allison "A.J." Sabine, III - son, Lauren Renee' Sabine - daughter, Oliver Jackson Sabine - son


Bachelor's degree - Public Relations/English - University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Served in the  U.S. Army Reserves - 1995-1998


Workforce Development Specialist for Louisiana Workforce Commission Previous - grant writer/coordinator for area non-profits.

I became aware of The Provisions Project after the flooding of August 2016.  I was raised in Baton Rouge, and returned to the city after living in other states to be closer to family. I volunteer at all of the children's schools in various capacities.  I've served as Home & School President, fundraising chair, Room Mom, and whatever's needed to help the school. Both of my parents reside in the Baton Rouge area and my husband's family is in Lafayette and New Orleans. Family is important to me. I'm serving as a Board Adviser to help expand the reach of The Provisions Project - we will see more disasters in South Louisiana and we must be ready.