The Provisions Project
Rebuilding Communities... Restoring Hope

About Us

Who We Are

The Provisions Project was founded after the Thousand Year flooding of Baton Rouge and the surrounding area in August 2016. The efforts to help communities is always greatest at the onset of disaster. However through our experience in this realm, we see the greatest need during the rebuilding phase. The Provisions Project focuses on the long term recovery of communities to assist in acquired resource management and rebuilding.

We also see the need to empower our communities through emergency preparedness. As a non-government organization, we know that it is the churches and civic groups that take on the overwhelming responsibilities to fulfill a role in helping their communities to recover. Our training program is designed to give churches and local organizations (VFW, Lion's Club, Junior League, etc.) the knowledge and skills to have a plan in place to be prepared to help in a time of need.

What We Do

The Provisions Project partners with government, non-government, civic organizations and churches. We partner to find and allocate resources such as building materials, appliances, furniture, household items, etc. for the rebuilding of communities after a disaster.

Our Mission

The provisions Project's mission is to restore a sense of normalcy to the disrupted lives of the most vulnerable due to unfortunate disaster episodes through partnered resource allocation and rebuild efforts.


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